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Life of St. Martin

St. MartinSt. Martin was born in 316 or 317 AD in Savaria. According to the local tradition, their house stood in the place of today’s St Martin church and cemetery. Martin got to know Christianity as a child. At the age of twelve he became a catechumen.

Martin served in the roman army. His legion served in Gaul, Amiens. On a cold winter day he met a beggar at the town’s gate. Martin cut his coat in two and gave one part to the beggar. Then Christ appeared in his dream with the piece of cloth what Martin gave to the poor man. This way he became the ideal of fraternal love.

Martin was baptized while he was a soldier. After his years in the army he worked as an evangelist in the continent. He returned to Pannonia where he baptized his mother. He lived as a solitary in Italia. His life was an example for everyone. Many people followed his lifestyle and Martin formed a community with them. He founded several monasteries.

St. MartinIn 371 Martin became the bishop of Tours. His main goal is life was to spread Christianity. He travelled a lot, converted the pagans and organized the communities. He died on 8, November, 397. He was buried on 11, November, In Tours. A basilica was built upon his grave, which became a site of pilgrimage through the centuries.