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Szécshenyi 2020 - Európai Szociális Alap

A new film about the life of Blessed János Brenner

272301894-458860618940195-4149381762681976291-nThe making of a television series about the life of Blessed János Brenner was announced at a press conference in Szentgotthárd on 26 January. Shooting is due to start in February 2022, and the series will be broadcast at Christmas and will be shown on Hír Tv.

272297567-458860702273520-396609653199614258-nThe intended eight-part series will follow the life of Father János from his childhood until his death. In the screenplay, a young YouTuber goes to Szentgotthárd to find out the truth about the death of János Brenner. While he is there, he is involved in a mystical encounter that changes his life. The main character is to be played by an actor from Weöres Sándor Theatre in Szombathely, Nándor Jámbor. This will be his first leading role on screen. He explained that he had not heard about the life of János Brenner before but the film provides an opportunity for him to draw attention to important things: despite the virus, apathy and division, we should not lose courage or our love of life but should be with love towards one another.

272553900-458860792273511-742965534735542249-nBesides Nándor Jámbor, actors from the theatres in Szombathely and Zalaegerszeg will feature in the series, but local people will also have the chance to be extras, director Andor Szilágyi announced. Shooting the series at the original location was important. Most of the personal effects from the period have been donated to the filmmakers by local people.

272300760-458860715606852-5076958854035621382-nThe Mayor of Szentgotthárd, Gábor Huszár, pointed out that preserving the memory of Blessed János Brenner was an important task for the town and much had been done to that end in recent years. The series will be a new tribute to him, which at the same time will spread the good repute of the town far and wide.

272661049-458860705606853-431467895442833896-nImre Bodorkós, parish priest of Szentgotthárd, brought a precious book with him to the press conference. He explained that this missal published in 1907 had been found while sorting the books in the library of the presbytery in Rábakethely. Looking inside, there was a note written by Father Ferenc Kozma on the first page, which said that this was the missal that Father János Benner had taken with him on that ill-fated night when he was murdered. The book lay a few metres away from Father János’s dead body.

272902296-458860812273509-4433372939384337710-nThis is a story with a profound message which must be told to the whole world, said Bill Chamberlain, who will be responsible for the film’s international distribution. The press conference concluded with the signing of a cooperation agreement between the municipality and the filmmakers.