Szombathelyi Egyházmegye

Szécshenyi 2020 - Európai Szociális Alap

National Day in Hungary

national dayinhungary-zalaegerszegOn the 20th of August our whole nation, including different towns and many communities of believers from the Diocese of Szombathely remembered the founder of our state, King St. Stephen. The new bread was also blessed on this feast.

national dayinhungary-szombathelyDr. András Veres, the bishop of our Diocese celebrated Holy Mass on the 19th of August in Zalaegerszeg, in the Mary Magdalene Church, and later, on the 20th of August in Szombathely, at St. Stephen's statue.

In his homily he talked about one of the most serious problems affecting our country today: migration, referring to our proper Christian attitude towards the migrants.

In every age there were people who started on their journey to distant countries, but these days there is an increasing multitude of travellers. The bishop continued explaining that migration in our country might also arouse fear since it is an illegal action and people do not arrive over open borders.

national dayinhungary-szombathelyWe have the responsibility to help those who started their journey out for real human needs. But if someone does not come in through open doors, they might have something to hide, therefore it is appropriate to defend ourselves against them. But above all we must always consider that we have to recognize Christ in every person who is on the way.