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Blessing of the church in Kemenesmagasi

Blessing of the church in KemenesmagasiDr. András Veres Bishop has blessed the church of Kemenesmagasi which blongs to the parish of Celldömölk on the 30th of August 2015.

Blessing of the church in KemenesmagasiThe church consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was built in the 15th century , but around 1900 was rebuilt in neo-Gothic and classicistic style. The roof and the tower needed renovation, the water conduit was insulated and windows and doors were replaced.

Bishop Veres blessed the church after the renovation work. In his speech, he emphasized that God is eternal love and eternal goodness. He created all men to follow the road shown by Him. This means not only an eternal happiness in the future, but the happiness in this earthly life.