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Szécshenyi 2020 - Európai Szociális Alap

Dr. András Veres bishop of Szombathely was elected president of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference

Dr. András VeresThe Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference held its regular autumn session on the 1st and 2nd of September 2015. The five-year mandate of the members of the Permanent Council of the board expired, therefore new officers were elected.

András Veres, the bishop of the Diocese of Szombathely was elected President of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference at the autumn session of the board.

Vicepresident became György Udvardy bishop of Pécs, furthermore  the elected members of the Permanent Council are Cardinal Péter Erdő, Primate, Archbishop of Esztergom - Budapest and Csaba Ternyák Archbishop of Eger. The mandate of the officers is for five years.

The Bishops' Conference is a Board including all bishops of every diocese in the country.

One of its most important tasks is to coordinate the diverse pastoral works of different dioceses, standing constantly for and transmitting the teachings of the Catholic Church to pastors and the faithful.  Moreover it is taking a stand in current social and religious issues.