Szombathelyi Egyházmegye

Szécshenyi 2020 - Európai Szociális Alap

Bishop András Veres opened the Jubilee of Mercy in the diocese of Szombathely

20151215-kapu-001The main entrance of the Cathedral was renewed for the St. Martin Jubilee. The new gate was blessed by bishop András Veres on the 13th of December on the same day of the opening of the Jubilee of Mercy. The bronze gate will be the gate of mercy in the Diocese during this Holy Year.

20151215-kapu-003On this bronze gate some events of St. Martin's life can be depicted such as: the birth of St. Martin, St. Martin sharing his cloak to the beggar, the baptism of St. Martin's mother, St. Martin expelled from the Arian Savaria, the Holy Mass celebrated by Martin in Albenga and the Saint’s death. The works of art were made by sculptor Gábor Veres.