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Szécshenyi 2020 - Európai Szociális Alap

Exhibition in the Diocesan Library

Exhibition in the Diocesan LibraryOn October 16, a new exhibition was opened in Szombathely in the Baroque hall of the Diocesan Library. The hall was built 130 years ago. The exhibition presents the works of construction.

Exhibition in the Diocesan LibraryThe first bishop of the Diocese – John Szily – opened a library to help the training of
the clergy and for the residents of our city. Kornél Hidasy expanded the seminary
building in mid-19th century. In 1858, they have completed the construction works of the Baroque library hall. There are thousands of precious volumes that helped the theological, historical science, art history and literary training of many seminarians.

Exhibition in the Diocesan LibraryFerenc Stornó Jr. painted the ceiling of the room. The images refer to the ancient
traditions – which are important for the city of Szombathely –  and refer to the Fathers of the Church, but also to the Universal Church, as the Baroque era presented. Hence the denonimation.

In the recent months, the Diocesan Library was modernized, the power grid was renovated and the building received alarm systems, moreover the heating system and an IT development has been made as well.