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Szécshenyi 2020 - Európai Szociális Alap

Opening of the Jubilee Year and charity action

Opening of the Jubilee YearBishop András Veres opened the St. Martin Jubilee Year. Next year we will commemorate the first non-martyr saint of the Church who was born in Szombathely.

The main celebrant of the Holy Mass was Antal Spányi, bishop of SzékesfehérvárThe St. Martin Jubilee Year was opened on the 7th of November by our Diocesan Bishop András Veres during a Holy Mass held in the Cathedral. In 2016 we are celebrating the 1700th anniversary of the saint's birth in the whole Diocese.

The main celebrant of the Holy Mass was Antal Spányi bishop of Székesfehérvár. In his homily, he emphasized: St. Martin became a man of peace, in a world without peace, among unpeaceful people. At the end of the ceremony the two bishops prayed at St. Martin's altar for our country, our diocese, for the faithful and for the priests.

The Diocese of Szombathely in cooperation with the Zalaco Bakery LTD started a new charity action called: Saint Martin’s box. The company has seven bakeries in Zalaegerszeg and seven in Szombathely where people can place baked goods in boxes. These pastries will be given to the needy said Bishop András Veres. This charity starts in Advent.