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2016 St. Martin's Jubilee Year - Family Meeting in Pannonhalma

Family Meeting in PannonhalmaThe Diocese of Szombathely and the Abbey of Pannonhalma organize several common programs in this Jubilee Year of St. Martin thus expressing their respect towards St. Martin and show an example of community and cooperation. The first common event was the Family Meeting on 2 April.

Family Meeting in PannonhalmaBoth the Diocese of Szombathely and the Abbey of Pannonhalma summon families every year to help them strengthening each other in their Christian life. This year the meeting was for both families from Szombathely and Pannonhalma.

The speaker of the meeting was Father Ferenc Pál. In his skelpy and enjoyable presentation he talked particularly about the male-female relationship, putting emphasis on the harmony in the family and on strengthening marriages.

Family Meeting in PannonhalmaWhile adults were edificated and had good fun during the lecture, children made handicraft workshops, watched films and attended sport competitions. After lunch, some participants attended silent adoration, others discussions and film screenings, family games and hurdle-races. For the participants who wanted to learn more about the Abbey, special guides unveiled the secrets of the monastery.

During the festive Holy Mass, Father Ferenc Pál gave the homily. He emphasized that all of us have the opportunity to build the good that is in us.

Family Meeting in PannonhalmaThe following common programme of Diocese of Szombathely and the Abbey of Pannonhalma will be the early Christian exhibition in May.