Szombathelyi Egyházmegye

Szécshenyi 2020 - Európai Szociális Alap

Prayer vigil for Pure Love

Prayer vigil for Pure LoveSaint Elisabeth Church of Szombathely was filled with young people who have
requested the help of our Lord in their common prayer to guide their life in the purity of the heart. Many young people from other cities across the country and also from abroad prayed with us simultaneously.

Weekend for mothers and daughters

Weekend for mothers and daughtersI’ve got time for You was the title of the mother-daughter weekend in the Martineum Academy for Adult’s Training. The participants breaking out from their family surrounding and the everyday hustle-bustle, were playing, talking, doing all sorts of feminine activities, thus building and strengthening the love relationship between each other.

Pilgrimage of St. Martin’s Relics

Pilgrimage of St. Martin's RelicsParishioners received with devotion the relics of St. Martin in the parish of Torony and in the surrounding villages. At the end of festive Mass, the faithful prayed the litany of St. Martin, and asked for the intercession of the native patron saint of Diocese. The pilgrimage of the relics of St. Martin will take place as a preparation for the Jubilee Year.

Pilgrimage for Szombathely

Pilgrimage for SzombathelyA walking pilgrimage of the Rosary was held in Szombathely for the third time. The
aim of this event was to support a deeper conversion of the faithful and to promote a wholehearted preparation for St. Martin’s Jubilee Year.

Blessing of the new liturgical place in Nemesbőd

Blessing of thenew liturgical place in NemesbődOn the Sunday following St. Michael’s feast, we are celebrating the feast day of the  Parish Church of Nemesbőd for many years now. The church has been given a new Ambo, Altar, Baptismal font, Paschal Candleholder, Celebrant Priest's chair and seats for the altar servers.

Blessing of the renovated Calvary

Blessing of the renovated CalvaryOn September 13, bishop András Veres blessed in Gencsapáti the refurbished stations of the Holy Well.

Family Festival in Zalaegerszeg

Family Festival in ZalaegerszegThe Family Festival as the much-anticipated event of this year took place on the 19th of September in Zalaegerszeg.

Cultural Heritage Days in Nick

Cultural Heritage Days in NickCultural Heritage Days were held in the village of Vas county September 19 to 20. The height of this year's program was the blessing of the light-cross.

Blessing of the new parish building and community center in Szombathely, Olad.

Blessing of the new parish building and community center in Szombathely-OladOn September 6, bishop András Veres blessed the new parish building and community center in Szombathely, Olad.

Dr. András Veres bishop of Szombathely was elected president of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference

Dr. András VeresThe Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference held its regular autumn session on the 1st and 2nd of September 2015. The five-year mandate of the members of the Permanent Council of the board expired, therefore new officers were elected.

Blessing of the church in Kemenesmagasi

Blessing of the church in KemenesmagasiDr. András Veres Bishop has blessed the church of Kemenesmagasi which blongs to the parish of Celldömölk on the 30th of August 2015.

Consecrated the church of Kemenessömjén

Consecrated the church of Kemenessömjén Bishop András Veres consecrated the refurbished church of Kemenessömjén on the 23rd of August. In his homily, the bishop pointed out: people must choose for God or against God. There is no middle course. It is important that we should do everything for the growth of our faith even as adults, since this is the way to become truly authentic Christians who set an example for other people. On this occasion, Mr. Peter Agh, Member of Parliament brought as a gift for the village of Kemenessömjén a national flag sewn by Mária Wittner.

One day for unit and for peace

one day for unit and for peaceThe participants of the 1Úton International Pilgrimage (On one way) prayed for unity, for peace and for our country on the 22nd of August. Several thousands of people made the pilgrimage this year, hundreds of them walking on the assigned sections of the Diocese of Szombathely.

National Day in Hungary

national dayinhungary-zalaegerszegOn the 20th of August our whole nation, including different towns and many communities of believers from the Diocese of Szombathely remembered the founder of our state, King St. Stephen. The new bread was also blessed on this feast.

The new building of János Brenner Primary and Secondary School

20150805-iskola-067New School Building of Brenner János Primary and Secondary was inaugurated at Szombathely on August 11, 2015.

The new building of János Brenner Elementary School

the new building of elementary schoolWe moved to a new building of János Brenner Elementary School on August 11.